Lightest car fire blanket! Padtex multiple use car fire blanket is the lightest of its kind. Car Fire blanket weight is crucially important when the urge of car fire takes place.  Car Fire blanket - quickest and most effective way to extinguish a car fire! Padtex multiple / reusable or single time use car fire blankets are designed to stop any car fire, but with a special emphasis for suppressing electric car fires. Our know-how, technical konwledge and manufacturing capabilities allow us to make any size of the car fire blanket needed. Standard sizes are 6x8m and 7x10m.
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  Product information:
  • It controls any type of car fire within a few seconds
  • A secure solution that handles fire in electric, hybrid vars as well as petrol and diesel - powered engines
  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • Delivered in a smart back pack bag or cabinet for mounting on the wall
  • Reusable - up to 30 car fires


Sustainable for:

  • Firefighter operations
  • Underground carparks, shopping malls, hotel carparks, tunnels
  • Ferry parking facilities
  • Plug in charge stations, service stations
  • Motorway companies, garages and workshops
  • Dealerships, rental companies



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