“Padtex Insulation” was founded in 2003 and it is known as modern company, directed to development, dealing with production of acoustic and thermal insulation goods and fire safety products of high quality and up to standarts.

As major component part there are being inset into these products various glass fibre fabrics of needled mats featuring a high thermal resistance (up to 1200’C).

The company concentrates on niche products, therefore each seperate product has been elaborated individually, available in various sizes and carrying different imprints, accordingly to instructions and technical specifications of customers.

The qualities of the company reflect our attitude towards everyday duties and towards the company total. The qualities of the company serve as orientation guide while enchancing correlation with customers, business partners and colleagues and as well while arranging ordinary work.

We are constantly and systematically improving quality proceedings inside of the company, thus securing an effective operation management and getting easy on resources.
The company is striving after the highest quality no matter what it performs. Trust in quality no matter what it performs.

Trust in quality inspires us to enchance our work also further on. Innovations are fundamental for “Padtex Insulation” (practical apllications of new devices and the latest technologies in everyday operation), thus continously developing the company and guaranteeing it’s ability of competitiveness and capability of meeting the growing up and demands of customer.

Mission. Persistently develope values of company, focus on needs of clients and high quality products. Any client give products appropriate ordered, which is made from fiberglass materials. We consider that our professional employees are guarantee of company’s successful activity and development.

Vision. Become as international known and competitive company which are working with high quality fiberglass products production.

Values. Reflect and attitude about weekday job duties and about company’s values in general. It is very important to improve mutual relations between clients, partners and colleagues.

Basic values.
1.    Quality – the highest quality in everything we do;
2.    Innovations – development to make satisfied clients requirements and provide company’s competitiveness;
3.    Professional stuff which as priority set accurate work and serious attitude;
4.    Team – important to have respect and mutual cooperation between each other: clients, partners and suppliers;
5.    Satisfied and loyal customers;


Padtex Insulation is working according to ISO 9001:2015  standart, approved by Bureau Veritas Latvia SIA, 

certificate you can find here


Social and Environmental responsibility of „Padtex Insulation” SIA

We view our social responsibility from perspectives of Company, Society, Business and Evironment. Social responsibility covers: environmentally friendly production, recycling, efficient use of resources, care of employees, safe and decent working conditions, donating for a local charities.

We appreciate long term relationships and cooperation with our employees and customers.